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ARIALE methodology

Report on Manufacturing SMEs Requirements


Pilot testing of the ARIALE ICT System in Poland


Final conference of ARIALE project


Fourth Project Meeting


11-12.06.2015, Rome, Italy

Our project team

  • Margarita Vassileva, ECQ

    Prof. Dr. Eng. Toshko Nenov, TU Gabrovo

    Prof. Paolo Boccardelli, LUISS

    Full Professor of Economics and Business Administration and Corporate Strategy at LUISS

    Asst. Prof. Dr. Eng. Stanimir Yordanov, TU Gabrovo

  • Yuliya Arabadzhieva, ECQ

    Senior Expert EU Projects and Programmes

    Admira Boshnyaku, ECQ

    Ana Sharkova, ECQ

    M.Sc. Michał Smater, PIAP

    Project Coordinator of ARIALE

  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eng. Zvezditsa Nenova, TU Gabrovo

    M.Sc. Jacek Zieliński, PIAP

    Prof. Franco Fontana, LUISS

    Full Professor of Economics and Management of Enterprises

    Prof. Andrzej Kolasa, PIS

  • M.Sc. Marcin Słowikowski, PIAP

    Software developer

    Dr. Giuseppe Taranto, LUISS

    Founder, owner and CEO of BISS S.r.l.

    Dr. Cristina Gasparri, LUISS

    Manager of the Healthcare and no profit Area of LUISS Business School

    Bianka Ivanova, ECQ

  • Prof. Nunzio Casalino, LUISS

    Associate Professor of Business Organization

    Asst. Prof. Dr. Eng. Stefan Ivanov, TU Gabrovo



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